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Some of our Major clients & testimonials.

Mr. Lovebin K.Babu, Director., M/s. Dufab Clouds Industrires, Dubai, UAE.

NextInnos has been an exceptional partner to our company. They have provided outstanding services and business solutions, tailor-made to fit our unique needs in the manufacturing industry. Specifically, their accounting tool and workflow engine were high-value additions to our Financial department. Similar was the case with the raw material management and staff management that helped in the optimal utilization of resources. I would highly recommend them to any organization.

Mr. Mahesh, Manager., M/s. Vazhiyorakkada Restaurant

We have been associating with NextInnos, particularly in the areas of SEO and social media marketing for the past several months. we believe that they have a knowledgeable, responsive and committed team, and they have done a wonderful work to promote our brand awareness, drive traffic to our website, and generate new customers. We feel confident about their proactiveness and are continuously impressed with their level of service. We are happy with their work.

Mr. Albin, CEO., M/s. MyTeleCart

MyTelekart CRM SoftwareThe CRM software by NextInnos is a amazing tool that meets all our needs. The fully custom nature of this software allows us to use it for several functional teams in our company. I really like the integrations with Outlook that enables us to keep track of emails and calls. The integrated reporting tools also makes it easy to keep track of all your activities remotely. Overall.. It is a very good CRM and I would really recommend it to small and medium firms.

Mr. Alby, Managing Director., M/s. AlbyTony

Our e-commerce website developed by NextInnos is really wonderful and apt for our shop. The built-in shipping and payment functionalities are really awesome and it is exactly the way I asked for. I think the price would be affordable for a start-up company like ours and also for a medium size company that sells multiple items.

Mr. Muhammed Savad, Managing Director., M/s. Unity Builders

When we first started think about customised ERP solutions for company, Nextinnos was one of our first priority since they had done our website really well. They delivered our ERP software on time and I must tell, it was really great. They helped us develop best practices and operating procedures to run our business more efficiently. I’m also very happy with their support and maintenance team. They are professional in their work and I really appreciate them.

Mr. Madhu, Managing Director., M/s. Ankis Group

SWe came to know about Nextinnos though one of our clients and decided to associate with them for developing our website and for maintaining our server. They have done a wonderful work and as professionals, they were a helpful team that has always been there for us whenever we needed them.

Mr. Ratheesh, Managing Director, M/s. Hindusthan Ayurvedic Healthcare Group.

Nextinnos has done a really wonderful work for us over the years, increasing our competitiveness in both domestic and international markets. The technical quality of the work has been splendid, and we have always enjoyed good Google rankings from their organic SEO efforts.