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nexCart - E-Commerce Solution

Ready-to-deliver E-Commerce solution for Mobile & Web Platforms

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Sell your products through mobile apps

Make your Own E-Commerce App Now!

Sell your products through mobile apps.

Every business has its own processes, goals and business strategies, so when looking for an eCommerce platform your requirements will also are unique to your business. Nextinnos will work with you to understand and solve your problems, whilst increasing conversion rates, streamline business processes and reducing overheads.

nexCart is a ready to deliver E-Commerce solution for any business owner who can turn their shops into online stores. Through nexCart, anyone can place their own mobile apps in Google play and App store (Android & iOs version) and can sell their products through mobile apps. Admin will have a web based backend control panel to manage the entire products, categories, sales, orders, status, shipping, and payment details.

Core Features of nexCart



nexCart is a ready to deliver E-commerce platform with backend control panel, so through nexCart, you will be able to launch your E-commerce mobile application within no time!.


For Android & iOs platfrom

nexCart application is available for Android & iOs platforms. You will be able to provide you products available to users through both platforms, making your business more visible.


Brand enhancement

nexCart will helps you to keep you in a technologically advanced business provider by providing user friendly apps which is an adequate part for users. Finally resulting your brand visibility.


Customizable Solution

nexCart is a fully customized product, you will have the provision to integrate any retail domain features such as redeem point section, product comparison, ERP integration, etc.


Inventory Management.

Admin will be able to manage the entire products and its stocks through the backend control panel. Stock deduction happens automatically from the core stock with timely reminders.


Payment Gateway Integration.

nexCart is scalable to integrate national and international payment gateways those will helps your valuable clients to use their payment options to purchase your products online.



Multi-language facility is available in nexCart. By selecting the language or country itself, the entire application interface will turn to another language including options and labels.



nexCart provides user alerts and notifications for all reports including product purchase, confirmation, offers, promotions, etc. Offer conversion is high in such notifications.



nexCart solution has state of the art security features that provides high-end security to all its users. All user data are technically encrypted and even if your system gets hacked, it will not possible for hackers to decrypt it.