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Clinic Management System

Now manage your clinic so easily

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For manage & monitor your business online & offline

Online consultation booking Mobile app Available

Significance of our System

A scalable solution to manage the entire operations of a clinic from the patient entry to payment side. We incorporated the operations and practices scaling from individual practitioners/ specialists to clinical environment. It's not just for walk-in patients, but also daily planning and activity either based upon centralized or decentralized booking environment. The system is configurable to cater each stakeholders' interests in co-ordination and management within the clinic/ health center.

Our system is a web-based clinic management system designed to easily manage a clinic business anywhere and anytime you need. We got provision to manage multiple branches through a single application, along with its easy to manage a single office only through offline implementation. It's a user-friendly, feature-packed solution that offers superior security, performance and reliability. Our Clinic Management system is designed and developed a way to scalable and monitor the entire process of a clinic/individual practitioner even through their smartphone.

Some of our Core Features


Consultation Booking

Mobile application will be available for Android & iOs platforms. Users will be able to book their appointments through mobile application. Timely reminders for appointments, user timely intimation about treatments, etc.


Doctor Management

Provision to manage the entire doctors and nurses, assign them tasks and patient. Schedule appointments and online booking facility for individual doctors. Provision to track the entire activities of doctors.


Treatment Management

Provision to tack and manage the entire patient treatment history. Doctors can add points to it, into the further. Users as well as medical people will be able to track and identify the treatment history of any patient.



Our ERP solution has state of the art security features that provides high-end security to all its users. All user data are technically encrypted and even if your system gets hacked, it will not possible for hackers to decrypt it.



We supports live server hosting for users. Online hosting allows users to access the data from anywhere in the world. For medium or dedicated office purpose, offline version is also available.



Our system supports offline server hosting (LAN) for users who have no internet connection in their office. It is ideal for offices that runs on a string budget. It provides the same option as that that of online hosting at a low cost.



Our ERP helps to manage multiple office using the same software even if the offices is in different locations.



It also helps to manage multiple business using the same software. It is possible to manage business even if it deals with different types of operations.



We provide multiple language as per the needs of the customers. The current language includes English and Arabic; however more languages can be integrated in the future as per the need of the customers.



Our solutions provides user alerts and notifications for all reports including notification for internal approval. Users can also get custom notifications in their mobile and PC regarding any need the user might have.



Our system has the provision to integrate the software with mobile application. Once integrated, the users can check any data on the go from anywhere in the world.



Our solution helps to track any changes that is made to the software. A complete report (user log) of all activities done by any particular can be checked. It can remove any malpractices that can happen in the office.



Our system provides for hardware integration to the software. This includes integrating billing machine, weighing machine etc. with the software.



We provide effective approval system for the purpose of approving a payment or work flow from superior officers. This helps in the smooth functioning of the organization



Our system provides you the provision for uploading the scanned copy of bills, vouchers, and invoice along with the transaction bill. This makes it easy for the concerned person to tract the transaction along with the bill in the future.

Major Modules

Doctor Management Module
Patient Management Module
Treatment Management Module
Purchase Module
Sales Module
Customer Management
Supplier Management
Stock/Inventory Management
Accounting Management
User Management
Operations Management
Task Management
Production Management
HR Management
Transportation Management
Tax Management
Office Management
Mobile App management
Backup Management
User Privilege management
Business Analytics